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Replacement of ILC Printer Head

29/11/2016 09:34 · Tutorials

One of the advantages of our 3D LimitLess ILC 3D printer is that you can print with multiple materials, some of them with advanced properties as filaments with wood, metal or carbon fibre combined with a polymer. Many times, these materials are abrasive to the standard bronze noz...

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Repair STL files with Autodesk Netfabb - Installation Basic version free of charge

27/09/2016 18:54 · Tutorials

In today’s blog entry, we want to help to analyse and repair the STL files that have errors, to be able to print correctly. To do this, we will use a tool from Autodesk called NetFabb. If you do not want to install on your computer more software, there is a version in the c...

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