3D printing is here to stay

The world is surprised by the creation of prosthesis, aircraft parts, hearing aids, housing construction, the gourmet preparation of a chef, and even the projection of a lunar base. Follow the world news about 3D printing with us.

3D LimitLess collaborate with Instituto Técnológico de Galicia in the 30th Pull&Bear Pantín Classic Galicia Pro

20/09/2017 11:00 · News

3D LimitLess was chosen as partner of the ITG (Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia) for the design and development of the waterproof housing and its attachment to the surfboard for their FlyThings Surf device, using 3D printing manufacture , and parametric 3D design. [[IMAGEN_2]] ...

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3D printing learning course.

18/05/2017 17:13 · News

Every day we are demanding more training in 3D printing. Not only the people want to teach them to model or design in 3D, it is necessary to understand the aditive manufacturing layer processing. Convert the digital object to the physical object using 3D printing, requires some t...

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Industrial 3D printing

12/04/2017 12:40 · 3D Technology

   Our  3D LimitLess ILC 3D printers, as well as the following models that we will soon bring to the market are FFF or FDM (Fused Filament). These are capable of printing in multiple materials with great precision, and in addition to very economical way. ...

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3D printing in the industrial sector: Automotive

02/02/2017 12:02 · News

[[IMAGEN_4]] These days, there’s a news item about the new McLaren-Honda and Fernando Alonso (who will join the team next year) in sports and general newspapers. Stratasys (an industrial 3D printer manufacturer) has signed a 4 years partnership with Mc Laren Racing as offic...

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Replacement of ILC Printer Head

29/11/2016 09:34 · Tutorials

One of the advantages of our 3D LimitLess ILC 3D printer is that you can print with multiple materials, some of them with advanced properties as filaments with wood, metal or carbon fibre combined with a polymer. Many times, these materials are abrasive to the standard bronze noz...

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