Slider for time-lapse photography


Monday October 10th 2016

Slider para fotografia timelapse

Last year, Antonio Martin, great night photographer and friend of us, challenged us to build a slider for night photography, because he wanted to start making night video time lapses (it was a bit challenging!), since the sliders that he found in specialized shops just didn’t convince him.

Slider para fotografia timelapse

That conversation while having a drink woke up in us the "maker" interest in his project and we wondered what we could do. It was clear that with 3D printing we can make all kinds of parts and prototypes, and with the Opensource electronic Mini-E we could do something that would work relatively well.

Slider para fotografia timelapse

After some sketches and meetings, we began to choose materials and components that seemed suitable and then manufactured the first prototype in a small size, learning the features and the needs that other sliders might not have. Antonio is much more perfectionist than us, and after many tests and errors, we had a system of controller and slider, which did their job very well.

Slider para fotografia timelapse Slider para fotografia timelapse

We choose the big Igus rail and rail carriage and ordered some laser cut and folded by CNC aluminium parts. We designed and printed all the other parts necessary to ensure that the slider worked. After some field testing (at night, of course!) and some design adjustments, we managed to get the product finished.

Slider para fotografia timelapse Slider para fotografia timelapse

The Slider functionality exceeded the expectations of our photographer friend, as well as our own. Now, we have the know-how to make a slider that has nothing to envy many professional brands, and we can manufacture it to fit the needs of the customer.

If you are interested in one, or you want to see it in full operation (in A Coruña- Spain), please contact us at

Check the video that Antonio took with his brand new slider:

Furthermore, all covers and the controller case are 3D printed, as well as the big bearing cage of the second axis that is essential to turn without gaps and vibrations.

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