Replacement of ILC Printer Head


Tuesday November 29th 2016

Sustitución de cabezal Impresora ILC

One of the advantages of our 3D LimitLess ILC 3D printer is that you can print with multiple materials, some of them with advanced properties as filaments with wood, metal or carbon fibre combined with a polymer. Many times, these materials are abrasive to the standard bronze nozzle in our printer and it is necessary to replace this print head by another more resistant, to maintain their performance and durability.

We can also provide optional multiple print heads of different types with different nozzle diameters, according to the specific needs of printing, to print tiny details and more suitable for the material used.

Today, we are bringing you a video tutorial to learn how to replace the complete print head of the 3D LimitLess ILC 3D printer. You will only need two Allen wrenches and being a little bit skilled, and you will do it in a very short time.

Sustitución de cabezal Impresora ILC

With the optional print head, we include a label where we indicate the difference with the actual offset in the 3D printer. This can be negative, in which case we will subtract the offset value saved in the printer firmware, or positive, in which case it will be added. You may have to tune it in a range of 0.01mm, up or down, in order to achieve a perfect offset adjustment. As a general rule, the value of offset is always negative and, if its value decreases, the nozzle of the print head will get separated from the glass surface. On the contrary, if this value increases, it will be closer to the surface.

This offset should be as tight as possible, in such a way that a sheet of paper in the position Z=0 can pass through touching slightly the glass and the nozzle. Once obtained this value, we can go to the 3D printer control menu and save it to store in the internal memory of the printer. If we need to get back to the factory value, we can restore the initial value in the control menu: restore factory settings option.

Sustitución de cabezal Impresora ILC

We hope you'll find it easy. If you have any doubt, send an email to

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