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Wednesday April 12th 2017

Impresión 3D industrial


 Our  3D LimitLess ILC 3D printers, as well as the following models that we will soon bring to the market are FFF or FDM (Fused Filament). These are capable of printing in multiple materials with great precision, and in addition to very economical way.

But there are other 3D printing techniques, such as the SLA (resin UV print), laser sintering (SLS)DMLS (direct metal printing), or by 3D injection  (Polyjet, BinderJet), among others.

Impresión 3D industrial Enlarge the image by clicking to view all technologies.

From now on, in order to provide with more possibilities to print with these other technologies, in 3D LimitLess we offer 3D printing with multiple new materials with industrial 3D printers.

Impresión 3D industrial

We opened the possibility of being able to print with materials that a printer FDM is not able to print, or improve the resistance of parts, doing so by laser sintering or directly in metal. 


We have asked our supplier for some samples, so that you can check the material and its finish before placing an order with this on demand service. 

Impresión 3D industrial 

Some of these materials are:

Nylon Polyamide: strong and flexible. The finishes can be polished, dyed or painted in multiple colors, velvet finish. It is possible printing in polyamide with glass particles or additives flame retardants.

 Impresión 3D industrial

Alumide: Nylon with aluminum powder composite, strong and flexible. Gray aluminium colour, but can be dyed in different colors.

 Impresión 3D industrial

Multicolor: Material similar to the plaster, can be multicolour, with bright or sandy finishes. For decorative objects.

 Impresión 3D industrial

High-detail Resin: high resolution rigid resin, color white.

Mamooth: Rigid Resin more resistant, admit light forces and high resolution, color white. Can optionally be painted in different colors.

Transparent Resin: Resin completely transparent, rigid and high resolution. Supports a technical or cosmetic finish if required, as well dye in some colors.

ABS: ABS material similar to the used with our printers, but with the possibility of larger sizes, with great mechanical and thermal resistance and dimensional accuracy. Four colors to choose from.

Titanium: TiAl6V4 alloy. Light and very resistant metal. It supports corrosion. You can have natural matte or polished finish.

Steel:  Bronze and steel metal alloy to make very robust parts. It is also economic. Polished or matte finish, with the possibility of gold, black or brown plated.

Impresión 3D industrial

Gray Resin:  Very smooth surface resin with great detail. Not very resistant to the impacts. Supports spray painted in various colors.

Brass: Copper and zinc metal alloy, with different finishes: chrome, black plated, rhodium plated, gold plated red or yellow, and transparent varnish.

Impresión 3D industrial In this case, is chromed brass. 

Bronze: Copper and tin alloy, widely used in industry and art. How May have following finishes: natural finish without polishing, or lacquered transparent polished or unpolished. 

Ceramic: Real Ceramic compatible with the food use, resistant up to 600ºC. Bright enamel finish available in seven colors.

Impresión 3D industrial

Stainless Steel: High quality and purity 316L Stainless steel , with high resolution. Finish matte, glossy or polished.

Elastic/Rubber: Plastic TPU 92A fully flexible, strong and durable. Can be chosen in black or in natural white.

Impresión 3D industrial Impresión 3D industrial

Copper: thermal and electrical conductive metal, and one of the 3D printing metals more economical. Aging with its patina green feature.

Standard Resin:  Soft and slightly yellowish resin, very translucent and allows very fine details. Only for exposure objects due to their fragility.

Impresión 3D industrial

Aluminium:  AlSi10Mg Alloy. Lightweight, durable, thermal and electrical conductive metal. One of the most widely used metals to industrial level. Slightly matt finish and grain, which can be sanding. Same resistance than machining aluminium.

Impresión 3D industrial Impresión 3D industrial

In addition to these materials more or less common, for jewellery and jewel design, it is now also possible to 3D printing in:

Gold:  Genuine 18 or 14 Karat Gold, it is not metal bathed. You can have finished in red gold, white or yellow, with its standard brightness.

Silver: 925 Law Sterling Silver (92.5 % pure silver and 7.5% copper) with several finishing possibilities: standard brightness, high brightness, old silver, sandblasting and satin glossy.

Impresión 3D industrial Impresión 3D industrial

There are also finishes in gold or silver bath for other metals, such as steel, to reduce the cost of these precious materials.


With regard to the more technical materials for industrial design and prototyping we have: TuskXC2700T / Tusk2700W, Tusk Somos, SolidGrey3000, ProtoGen White, Poly1500, ABS / ABSi, ABS-M30 / ABS-M30i, PC, PC-ABS, Ultem 9085, Objet Vero colored, Objet VeroClear, Objet Tango, and so on.

Impresión 3D industrial

Each material, on the basis of its own technology of 3D printing, postprocessing, finishing and peculiarities have to meet minimum standards in the 3D file (STL, OBJ) to be printable with success. 

Therefore, each piece must be analyzed depending on the material, detail and geometry prior to manufacture. 3D LimitLess with its experience, offers the necessary advice to get the project correctly printed to the customer.

All this new materials, are combined with the thermoplastics materials that we can already print in our  3D LimitLess ILC 3D printers, how they are: ABS, ASA, PLA, PC, TPE, TPU, nylon, PA-6, Nylon+Carbon, Nylon+Aramid Fibers, Wood, Stone, Ceramic, copolymers with or without solid additives, PP, PET, PETG, HIPS, PVA, Graphene, and so on.

With so many possibilities of material, the freedom offered by the additive manufacturing in design, and the capacity to adapt to the most demanding requirements, the process of digital manufacturing is the present of the industry 4.0.


Ask us for a budget without commitment.


3D LimitLess

Welcome to the limitless revolution.

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