3D printing learning course.


Thursday May 18th 2017

3D printing learning course.

Every day we are demanding more training in 3D printing. Not only the people want to teach them to model or design in 3D, it is necessary to understand the aditive manufacturing layer processing.

Convert the digital object to the physical object using 3D printing, requires some techniques and guidelines to ensure that the 3D print to be accurate to the model designed, in terms of appearance, geometry, dimensions or mechanical characteristics.

In this course, will teach you the tools necessary to achieve these objectives on the basis of our experience, with the different materials and the various technologies used to 3D printing. We will see its practical use with our 3D LimitLess ILC printers.

We will also be able to see some examples with materials and techniques of industrial 3D printing.


The course will be held in two days, 4 hours each day, in which we'll see the following content:

Introduction to 3D printing: basic concepts.

The 3D printing workflow: Digital model to physical.

Printing Software: File formats supported.

Introduction to Autodesk Netfabb: Verification and repair 3D models.

Repetier Host Parameterization: 3D printer communication and management.

Introduction to Cura: Slicing 3D models with Cura.

Introduction to Slic3r: Advanced slicing 3D models with Slic3r.

Typical troubleshooting and how to avoid failures: Finishing possibilities and part post-processing.


Initially we planned 4 calls, but depending on how the inscriptions are performing, we can expand to new dates.

Dates and times available summer 2017:



14 and 15 June (10 to 14 hours).

22 and 21 June (16 to 20 hours).


19 and 20 July (10 to 14 hours).

26 and 27 July (16 to 20 hours).


The groups will be limited to a maximum of 10 people per group. If you have laptop, it is advisable to bring it, the software used is OpenSource, and you can install it on.

The place of training is yet to be defined, depending on the final attendees, but will be in the city of A Coruña.

To register for these courses or more information, send us an email with your details to: info@3dlimitless.com choosing the date you prefer.

Registration will close one week before the first of each month, but there may not be places, so if you are interested in obtaining one, don't wait until the last moment.

Payment must be made to ensure the place, and will be in strict order of confirmation.

We hope that it will be your interest.


Welcome to the revolution without limits!

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