Who, how and why?


3DLimitLess is a Spanish company dedicated 100% to the additive manufacturing (AM)
Who, how and why?

3DLimitLess WAS BORN IN 2014,

In 3D Limitless, we firmly believe in 3D printing as a method of manufacturing, in addition to traditional methods (grinding, milling, lathing, etc.). 3D printing can replace, in many cases, some traditional methods for small productions or unique series, prototypes, proofs of concept, and so on, in an efficient, fast and much more economical way. We always emphasise this.

The beginning of 3D printing

The founder partners of 3DLimitLess began to be interested in 3D printing, in the year 2008, in self-replicating (RepRap) printers that were beginning to be shown in technical circles. 3D printers were handmade, rough and fragile, very complicated and imprecise. They seemed like magic. They could see how a physical object emerged from the surface of the 3D printer and was formed layer by layer! They asked themselves why they were named “3D printers”, if they seemed like some kind of robots of sci-fi.

Some years later, with the first 3D printer (a i3 Prusa) on the desktop of our engineers, we were gaining experience in 3D printing, investing many hours of our time and understanding all processes. We designed and built our own 3D printer, to our own taste. It was robust, reliable, durable, and accurate. It was a printer that could be removed from the box and print directly without calibrations or adjustments.

In 3D Limitless, we designed and built a fully functional first prototype, but at that point too ambitious and expensive. Then, we designed another 3D printer model, with more accessibility in price and size, but keeping our initial idea of robustness, reliability and precision.

This prototype has served us as a testing on R+D+i for the business models that we have designed and for the development of future models. It has not been a waste of time at all.

Thus, a second 3D printer from 3DLimitLess was born, the “ILC”, our first commercial 3D printer, the eldest daughter of several models that will follow.

First model of 3D Printer from 3D Limitless

First model of 3D Printer from 3D Limitless
3DLimitLess ILC
Purchase your 3DLimitless ILC 3D Printer
1,550 €
(VAT and transport are included for mainland Spain)

We want to make this 3D printer model accessible to all, democratising 3D printing, avoiding the need to have a lot of knowledge to take advantage of the potential of 3D printing.

We manufacture it with aluminium and steel, without any 3D printed piece to intervene in the movements, as many other 3D printers in the market do. This makes our ILC 3D printer maintain its accuracy and calibrations at all times, and last longer. Our 3D printer is able to obtain the same or higher print quality, when compared with other that double or triple the price.

We want you to print out a lot in 3D!

As the legacy of the RepRap 3D printers, we also use some 3D printed parts in our 3DLimitless ILC 3D Printer such as covers and trims to hide cables or connectors, but these parts don't affect the quality or durability of the 3DLimitless ILC 3D Printer. In the vast majority of RepRap printers, there are 3D printed parts even in vital parts of the movement, which can break or loosen, requiring their replacement. In our 3D printer all of these parts are metallic.

Open Source

The great boom of 3D printers and 3D printing is an achievement of the philosophy of Opensource and of the collaborative economy, far away from patents.

OpenSource philosophy resulted in the existence of so many machines and boosted their evolution, as the entire community promoted it with bright ideas from talented makers.

We share the same philosophy, we provide the code and schemas for anyone to build or improve some function in the future. We advise you to buy the 3D printer rom our company to avoid all this work, and save your time and money, but you decide!

After all, there are hundreds of hours invested in them, testing and modifying parts, debugging lines of code, contacting suppliers, making mistakes and succeeding, to be able to offer a 3D printer as we would like to have had in those days when we fought with our little RepRap printer.

And we didn't want it to be simply a 3D printer more! We wanted to make this 3D printer with a bold design, never seen before, but at the same time, with quality, reliability and robustness.

3D LimitLess Business Chart

3D LimitLess Business Chart

All our effort in R+D+i, the pursuit of quality in everything we do, has what we have achieved as a result: we offer you our 3D printers, services, accessories and consumables for 3D printers, to individuals, professionals, technical offices and companies, because we are pretty sure that they will also see the magic of what can be done from the very first minute by them.


Welcome to the limitless revolution
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